Imprint and Data Privacy


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Use GitHub for any software related contact request.

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Data Privacy

For this Webpage

This webpage has no contact form or any function implemented which would save or track user data. No analytic tools are used. The webpage provider does not set any cookies.

The webpage is hosted at GitHub pages with the following address:

GitHub Inc.
88 Colin P Kelly Jr St
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States

GitHub might collecting the following logging data when accessing this webpage:

  • IP address
  • address of previously visited webpage
  • data and time of the request
  • time zone difference to GMT
  • content of the request
  • HTTP status code
  • browser and operation system information
  • amount of transferred data

We have no access to this data and will therefore not use them in any purpose.

If you are using GitHub for pull requests, submitting issues etc., their data privacy regulations apply.

For the program Cantara

Cantara does not collect or submit any data. The configuration is saved locally on your file system. Cantara does not connect to the internet. It doesn’t commit or use any sort of tracking.