Song Meta Data

Cantara allows you to fetch and display meta data from the songs. Depending on the song format, Cantara will get the following meta data.

CCLI Songselect

Following data will be collected from each CCLI songselect lyrics file:

  • author: The name(s) of all author(s) separated by a ‘|’.
  • ccli-licensenumber: The number of the CCLI license which is dependent on the user account (not on the song)
  • ccli-songnumber: The CCLI number on the song which is dependent on the song.

Song format

In the song format, meta data can be specified by a line with a # at the beginning. For example:

#author: John Newton
#title: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.
I once wast lost, but now am found,
was blind, but now I'm free!


This will set the meta data for author and title.

How to use the meta data:

In the settings dialog, you can enable meta data for each song. In the Meta Data Content field, you can specify the format how meta data should be displayed. Beside showing plain text, you can use the following variables:

  • {property1}: Will show the meta data property property1 if it exists.
  • {%property1%}some text{%end%}: Will show some text if property1 exists.
  • {%property1%}some text: Will show some text (till the end of the line) if *property1 exists.

For example, the following syntax:

{%ccli-licensenumber%}Song Source: CCLI {ccli-licensenumber}
{%author%}Author: {author}

Would generate for the above Amazing

Author: John Newton

because author exists but ccli-licensenumber does not.